UFO In Manipur: What is UFO, to kill which fighter jet Rafale had to be sent to Manipur

UFO In Manipur: What is UFO, to kill which fighter jet Rafale had to be sent to Manipur

UFO in Manipur: There are many theories about aliens on Earth, one of these theories is about aliens’ UFOs. Now amidst all these theories of aliens, something happened in India which has once again sparked debate. Such an object was seen in Manipur, India, due to which all flights were affected. The object was seen flying in the air for a long time, after which the Indian Air Force came into action and the Rafale fighter jet had to take off. We know this object flying in the air as UFO. Today we are giving you information about this UFO, what it is and what are the theories about it.

What did you see in Manipur?
Let us first know what happened in Manipur… When the whole country was watching the World Cup, a UFO was seen near the airport in Imphal, it was a white object, which many people captured in their cameras. After this incident many flights were diverted. The Air Force was informed and two Rafale jets were then sent into the air to shoot it down, although by then the object had disappeared. It is not yet known what this object was…

After this incident, people spread the theory of aliens on Twitter. People said that aliens have left America and reached India. However, some people also say that this object found in Manipur, bordering China, could be a method of espionage.

What are UFOs?
Let us now know what this UFO is and why it is related to aliens. UFO stands for Unidentified Object, which means something that cannot be identified. Generally these concepts are widely discussed in countries like America. There are many theories that say that people from other planets travel from one place to another in these UFOs. However, this theory has not been proven true till date nor has any concrete evidence been found.

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