Sahara Refund: New update on Sahara investors’ money, will people get the money or not? This government plan

Sahara Refund: New update on Sahara investors’ money, will people get the money or not?  This government plan

SEBI: Crores of people’s money is stuck in Sahara Group! Sahara Group chief Subrata Roy also passed away recently. After this, there are many questions in the minds of investors whether they will get their stuck money back or not? Meanwhile, a new report has come out. The report claims that consideration is being given to transferring Sahara’s money to the consolidated fund.

consolidated fund

An Economic Times report claims that Sahara-SEBI is considering transferring unclaimed funds from its refund account to the consolidated fund. Besides, legal advice is also being taken from the government. In such a situation, if an investor makes a claim against the fund in future, the money can be returned to him.

According to the information, more than Rs 25 thousand crore was recovered from Sahara Group and after this till March 31, only about Rs 138 crore was transferred. The remaining money was deposited in the government bank. In 2012, the Supreme Court upheld SEBI’s decision and ordered Sahara Group to return the investors’ money with interest. Along with this, the Supreme Court also asked to deposit funds with the government.


The Supreme Court said that if the investors cannot be identified even after verification, then such funds will be deposited with the government. However, many investors have still not come forward. During conversation with ED, the officer claimed that the unclaimed money of such investors can be used in schemes related to social development. Let us tell you that a web portal has also been launched to help investors get their money back.

How to apply for refund on Sahara Refund Portal

If you are an investor in any of the above four societies, you have to go to the one launched by the Central Government.

Here you have to enter all the information asked on the portal.

In this, it is necessary to enter 12 digit member number, last four digits of Aadhaar etc.

Then you will also have to enter your mobile number.

While claiming for refund, keep in mind that the mobile number should be linked to the Aadhaar number.

After entering the mobile number, an OTP will be sent to your mobile which will have to be entered on the portal.

After entering this you will have to upload a photo.

Along with this, copy of PAN will also have to be uploaded on the portal.

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