Pune: Lok Adalat On December 9 In Pimpri Chinchwad

Pune: Lok Adalat On December 9 In Pimpri Chinchwad

A Lok Adalat will be held in Pimpri to address cases related to traffic rule violations and various other matters on December 9. The event organised by the Pune District Legal Services Authority and Pimpri Chinchwad Advocates Association, aims to resolve disputes through reconciliation and compromise.

Lok Adalat, a modern form of the traditional village panchayat, follows our ancient tradition of amicably settling disputes. In the past, impartial individuals in villages resolved conflicts through a system known as the village panchayat. Today, Lok Adalat serves as a contemporary alternative, settling various cases through conciliation and compromise.

Lok Adalat seeks to save time and money

The Pimpri Court Lok Adalat seeks to save time and money for the involved parties, offering them convenient access to justice. In particular, cases involving traffic rule violations are highlighted, as legal action may be taken against vehicle owners who do not pay fines on time. Notices are sent through the court, prompting the need for legal action. To prevent such actions and facilitate fine recovery, cases are encouraged to be settled in People’s Courts through compromise.

Advocate Pramila Gade, President of the Pimpri Chinchwad Advocates Association, encouraged citizens to participate in this Lok Adalat for a swift and amicable resolution of their cases.

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