Political uproar due to China’s funding in Canada elections, why did Xi Jinping want to make Trudeau the PM?

Political uproar due to China’s funding in Canada elections, why did Xi Jinping want to make Trudeau the PM?

At present, Canadian Prime Minister Justin Trudeau is facing many controversies, but Trudeau, who created a dispute with India, is embroiled in another controversy. At present, Trudeau is facing allegations of ‘friendly love’ towards China and ‘Chinese funding to Trudeau’s party’. After this case, there has once again been an earthquake in Canadian politics.

I had to say more than ‘Hello’ to Xi Jinping: Trudeau

Recently, on November 18, the Asia-Pacific Economic Cooperation (APEC) meeting was held in San Francisco, in which Canadian PM Justin Trudeau met Chinese President Xi Jinping. During this, apart from ‘Hello’, some Khichdi was also cooked between the two leaders. However, now Trudeau said in this matter, “I had to say more than “Hello” to Xi Jinping.

What did Trudeau say to Xi Jinping?

According to Trudeau, he told Xi Jinping that the two countries should keep their lines of communication open. He also told the Chinese President that it is important that Canada and China continue to work in the same direction as Trudeau makes constructive dialogue (statements). Meanwhile, when there is a lot of uproar in the country over China’s alleged interference in Canada’s domestic politics, the Prime Minister of Canada and the President of China are being targeted by the Canadian opposition, Trudeau further fueled the controversy by making this statement. Is. Comment.

China provided election support-funding to Trudeau’s party

The controversy over China’s interference in Canada’s elections has sparked an uproar after it was revealed that China supported and financed Trudeau’s Liberal Party to form a second minority government in Canada’s 2021 election. There have also been reports that China has given funding to Trudeau’s party because the Conservative Party of Canada is not friendly towards China and to ensure that Trudeau does not take any decisions against China.

Canadian leaders receive funding from China

It has been revealed that Chinese officials sent money to 11 candidates, including nine from Trudeau’s Liberal Party and two from the China-backed Conservative Party, through a secret network of middlemen to influence the 2019 Canadian election. According to the Canadian Intelligence Agency (CSIS), the Chinese Consulate in Toronto funded the election of at least 11 candidates during the Canadian elections and for this, $250,000 was transferred through a secret network. The Canadian agency said Justice Trudeau was informed of examples of China’s interference campaign in 2022, although he took no action. Justin Trudeau made a public statement following the CSIS report on Chinese interference in the Canadian election. Let us tell you that Justin Trudeau was the former Prime Minister of Canada and he started diplomatic relations with China in 1970.

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