Petrol Diesel Price Today: Petrol and diesel prices changed in these cities as soon as the morning broke.

Petrol Diesel Price Today: Petrol and diesel prices changed in these cities as soon as the morning broke.

NEWS INDIA LIVE :New Delhi : This day, the first day of the trading week, Monday, November 20, saw a significant move by oil companies when they revealed new prices of petrol and diesel. As is usual, today was the time to revise the costs of these energy sources.

national status, local existence

Although nationally, oil prices have remained stable since May 2022, some cities saw subtle changes in seasonal prices. Let us know what are the new fundamental rates of oil in these cities.

Delhi: vision of change

In the heart of the country, Delhi noticed a subtle change in fuel price during the recent update. While at the national level, oil prices in the capital remain stable, Delhiites faced a subtle change in petrol and diesel prices.

Mumbai: Price moving into support

Moving to the financial capital Mumbai, where the energy demand outlook is bullish, fuel prices witnessed volatility. Morning updates revealed price revisions in petrol and diesel, underscoring the ever-changing nature of the fuel market.

Kolkata: Adjustment of price movements

In the eastern city of Kolkata, changes were seen in the prices of petrol and diesel during the recent update. These oil price changes demonstrate that each region in the oil market faces market movements uniquely.

Chennai: Southern twist in fuel costs

Moving south towards Chennai, residents there noticed a change in the price structure of petrol and diesel. These fuel price changes illustrate how regional variation is being transmitted across market movements.

Exploring the changes: New fundamental fuel rates revealed

As we move through these cities, it is clear that the fuel prices market in India is not completely homogeneous. Subtle changes in petrol and diesel prices play out across cities, reflecting a complex dance of interrelationships, demand, and economic factors.

Changes in oil prices in these cities

According to Good Returns, oil prices today are as follows:

City Petrol (Rs. Per Litre) Diesel (Rs. Price Per Litre)

Noida 96.64 89.82

Gurugram 96.77 89.65

Patna 107.48 94.26

Thiruvananthapuram 109.53 98.34

Bhubaneswar 103.19 94.76



Prices remained stable in these cities

City Petrol (Rs per litre) Diesel (Rs per litre)

New Delhi 96.72 89.62

Kolkata 106.03 92.76

Mumbai 106.31 94.27

Chennai 102.63 94.24

Lucknow 96.57 89.76

Bengaluru 101.94 87.89

Chandigarh 96.20 84.26

Hyderabad 109.66 97.82

Jaipur 108.48 93.72

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