MP: Mhow Local Admin Decides To Shift Fast Food Shops Near KV

MP: Mhow Local Admin Decides To Shift Fast Food Shops Near KV

Mhow (Madhya Pradesh): The local administration of Mhow including police, Mhow SDM Vinod Rathore and Mhow Cantonment Board decided to shift the fast food shops that are near Girls School to the approach road towards Mhow Kendriya Vidyalaya on Monday.

As soon as the information reached Mhow residents and the KV administration, there was strong opposition against the decision, which started on Tuesday morning.

Local social media groups were flooded with messages opposing that decision and both KV administration and parents of about 2,000 students of the school also registered their protest.

KV Principal Puja Shrivastava wrote a letter to Mhow military administration and informed them about the consequences of the decision of the local administration.

The road where those fast food shops were to be shifted is the back side of the old Swarg Mandir Officers Colony of military and it could have become a matter of nuisance for them too.

Looking at both points, Mhow military administration was to make some decision on Wednesday but when the local administration noticed so much uproar, the officials retracted and withdrew that decision.

Mhow Cantonment Board CEO Vikas Kumar when contacted, said that the decision has been withdrawn and those fast food shops will not be shifted to KV school road.

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