MP: Cong-BJP Corporators Clash Before JCB Machines Over Widening Of KD Gate-Imli Tiraha Road

MP: Cong-BJP Corporators Clash Before JCB Machines Over Widening Of KD Gate-Imli Tiraha Road

Ujjain (Madhya Pradesh): Ujjain Municipal Corporation (UMC) team had re-launched widening of road between KD Gate and Imli Tiraha road. The project stuck since 2017 was launched in June 2023.

However, the relaunch on Tuesday witnessed a heated argument between BJP and Congress corporators. Both parties came face to face and the police had to intervene to bring situation under control.

The 2-5kms stretch of road from KD Gate to Imli Gate intersection is to be widened by 50 feet to 7.50-metre. In the master plan, the figure is 15-metre hence it would be widened to 50 feet from both sides. The work of widening the road had been going on for the last five months. The work is now in its final stage and the UMC team reached KD Gate on Tuesday regarding this. The balconies of about 32 houses were a hindrance in laying electric lines. A total of 485 houses, shops, Dharamshala and religious places were under the ambit of widening.

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Congress corporator Maya Trivedi along with her husband Rajesh Trivedi and Leader of Opposition Ravi Rai opposed the action of the corporation and got the work stopped. When ward corporator Yogesh aka Gabbar Bhati came to know about the matter, he also reached the spot and advised Maya Trivedi to stay in her own ward. Due to which the matter deteriorated and after a heated argument between the two corporators, a situation of dispute arose. Seeing the dispute escalating, the police took charge and separated the two.

Bhati said that the UMC team arrived after the elections were over. Hence, the people were angry. Balconies of 15 houses have to be demolished. Without that, electricity poles would not be installed. Everyone was for city’s development, but Congressmen were misleading the public, he said.

UMC engineer Anil Jain said that they reached the spot on senior officers’ order. “We wanted to demolish balconies so that electricity poles could be installed. The balconies of 32 houses have to be removed, we are being threatened,” he said. A UMC release said that 24 hours was given to the affected house owners and tenants to remove their galleries and balconies otherwise the UMC would dismantle them.

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