Israeli army surrounds Indonesian hospital after Al Shifa, fierce fighting in Jabaliya camp

Israeli army surrounds Indonesian hospital after Al Shifa, fierce fighting in Jabaliya camp

Jerusalem, 20 November (Hindu). After taking action on Al Shifa Hospital in Gaza Strip, the Israeli Army has now surrounded the Indonesian Hospital located in the northern part. Israeli tanks patrolling near the hospital are also firing intermittently. 12 Palestinians are reported killed in this firing.

14 people are reported to have been killed in the Israeli army’s bombardment on Rafah town near the Egyptian border. Fighting continues in Gaza amid ongoing talks for a limited-term ceasefire in exchange for the release of hostages.

Fierce fighting continues between Hamas fighters and Israeli forces in Jabaliya, Gaza’s largest refugee camp. Israeli planes have also bombed there. This area of ​​the camp, with a population of one lakh, is under the influence of Hamas. Meanwhile, 31 premature newborns evacuated from Al Shifa hospital have been flown to neighboring Egypt. These newborn babies were kept in a mobile incubator and taken to the hospital in Egypt. 61 Palestinian patients have reached Turkey via Egypt and will be treated in hospitals there.

700 patients are admitted in Indonesian hospital amidst firing and shelling. Thousands of homeless regional people have also taken shelter in this hospital. The communication link there has been broken amid the fighting. The Israeli Army has not yet issued any statement regarding the situation there. However, the army has not yet entered the hospital.

According to the Israeli army, it is only targeting Hamas terrorists and their bases. The civilians of Hamas are facing difficulties due to being used as shields in the fighting and the civilians are being killed unnecessarily in the action. The Israeli Army has informed that three Hamas commanders have been killed in the latest fighting.

According to the information, the Israeli army has opened fire with tanks on Beit Lahiya town in the north-eastern part of Gaza, in which a large number of civilians are reported to have been killed.

So far, more than 13 thousand people have been killed in the ongoing Israeli attacks on Gaza since October 7, of which more than two-thirds are women and children. 65 Israeli soldiers have been killed in Hamas retaliatory attacks.

The Israeli army has asked the general public to evacuate northern Gaza due to the ongoing fighting with Hamas. More than 800,000 people have fled the area to southern Gaza, but several hundred thousand people still remain in the northern area. Tens of thousands of these have left their homes and taken shelter in various hospitals. There they see hope of being saved from Israeli attacks, but after six weeks of fighting, now these hospitals are also in bad condition. The fight has reached these hospitals which are suffering from lack of water, electricity and medicines. Now it is becoming difficult for patients to stay in the hospital.

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