Israel lost the war against Iran’s supreme leader Hamas

Israel lost the war against Iran’s supreme leader Hamas

In the war between Israel and Hamas, now the Israeli army is entering Gaza and carrying out the operation, Iran’s Supreme Leader Ayatollah Khamenei has said that now it is Israel’s turn to face defeat in the war against Hamas in the Gaza Strip.

He said that the Israeli army is capturing hospitals, schools and even people’s homes in Gaza, but this cannot be called victory. Victory meant the other side’s defeat, but Israel did not succeed. Thus, he is defeated.

While giving a speech at the Aerospace Force Center in Tehran, the Supreme Leader further said that the Israeli army is spreading terrorism in Gaza. The Israeli army’s focus is on destroying buildings that provide basic facilities in Gaza. Despite heavy bombardment on Gaza, it has not yet succeeded in its goal of eliminating Hamas. This is a defeat for Israel as well as America and other pro-Western countries.

He said that Israel has killed thousands of innocent children in the Gaza Strip. The reason for this is that the people of Israel consider themselves to be a superior race and do not understand the value of the lives of others. What Israel is doing in Gaza falls within the definition of a war crime. However, the governments of some Islamic countries have not condemned Israel and this is not acceptable.

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