Indore: Leopard Breaks Forest Dept’s Cage, Escapes

Indore: Leopard Breaks Forest Dept’s Cage, Escapes

Mhow\Indore: A leopard that was baited to enter a cage kept at Army War College managed to break the iron netting of the cage and escape on Monday. The leopard also consumed the meat kept as bait before breaking free.

As news of the leopard’s escape spread, there was panic in the Mhow cantonment area. Forest officials said that this was the first time that any leopard had escaped after being trapped in a case, and were very surprised.

As soon as forest officials came to know about the feline’s escape, a rescue team under Yogesh Yadav started patrolling the area.

Yadav said “This has happened for the first time. We have rescued around 250 leopards with the help of the cage that has now been broken by the leopard. However, we have now installed another cage.”

“We have placed another cage at the spot. Leopard movement has been going on in the Army War College and Military College of Telecommunication Engineering campus of Mhow since October 4. A leopard is continuously roaming in and around the campus of AWC and MCTE. Many times CCTV footage of a leopard has surfaced,” said forest officials.

Senior Army officials have also given instructions to the people on the campus to remain alert. There was a leopard movement two days back and also a week ago in different areas. Cages were placed at two places where the leopard had been spotted.

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