hey what is this? Terrorists had set up camp in Al Shifa Hospital..! Hamas’s shocking revelation

hey what is this?  Terrorists had set up camp in Al Shifa Hospital..!  Hamas’s shocking revelation

Israeli Defense Forces have released shocking new footage which proves the terror unleashed by Hamas in Gaza. The footage shows a tunnel built by the terrorist group beneath Gaza’s largest hospital, Al Shifa. Israel says Hamas is using patients as human shields.

Terrorists set up hideout under the guise of patients inside the hospital

Amidst Israeli bombings and missile attacks, Al Shifa Hospital is not only a base for Hamas but also a complete network, on the basis of which Hamas terrorists have been fighting the Israel Defense Forces (IDF) for the last 45 days. To expose this network and tunnel-like power of Hamas, a new video has been released by Israel, in which it is shown how Hamas has made its base under the guise of patients inside the hospital.

The only proof of this is a video trailer released by the IDF

Anyone looking from outside will see the hospital. Upon entering, the patients, doctors, nursing staff and medical equipment will all look like a normal hospital, but Israel has released a video claiming that armed Hamas fighters are inside the hospital with gunpowder and explosives. Video evidence released by Israel to expose Hamas also shows Israeli soldiers going inside the tunnel.

Israel foiled Hamas’ plan

This evidence released by the IDF is just a video trailer. There is a need to understand how Hamas used it and how Israel foiled Hamas’ plans. Similarly, Israel has exposed the Hamas tunnel near Al Shifa Hospital in Gaza to the world. Israel claims that the tunnel is 55 meters long in total. A tunnel has been found under the shed.

A big hole is visible above the tunnel, which is also visible in the video. It is so big that anyone can easily walk under it. Israel claims that this is not just a hole but an entrance for Hamas fighters to enter the tunnel, which means that after attacking Israeli forces, Hamas fighters will hide inside and go inside their base. .

How was this conspiracy of Hamas exposed?

  • First of all, the Israeli Army i.e. IDF had received intelligence input from the Israeli agency Shin Bet about the Hamas tunnel in Al Shifa Hospital.
  • The input said that Hamas fighters are hiding near the MRI department of Al Shifa Hospital. These people attack through the tunnel, their base is inside the tunnel.
  • Following intelligence input, the IDF’s Shaldag unit launched the operation. The strategy was to destroy Hamas positions in the tunnels and eliminate Hamas fighters in the tunnels.
  • After this, first of all the side wall of the tunnel was demolished with D9 bulldozer.
  • The entrance to the tunnel, that is, the hole through which Hamas fighters carried out attacks and then went to their base to collect weapons, was discovered.
  • After this, Israeli soldiers went inside the tunnel and carried out the operation. All Hamas tunnel sources were detected.
  • Ultimately, several Hamas positions inside the tunnel were destroyed. Claimed to have killed many fighters. The hostages were also found.

Video of hiding hostages in hospital went viral

Apart from this, more evidence has been found that Hamas is hiding in Al Shifa Hospital. The Israeli army has released a video of hostages hiding in the hospital. It is claimed that on October 7, the hostages were hiding in this hospital. Citizens of Thailand and Nepal were kept on this base. This has come to light from the CCTV footage of the hospital. Injured hostages are also seen in the video.

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