Health Tips: Do you also feel very thirsty, then these serious diseases can occur.

Health Tips: Do you also feel very thirsty, then these serious diseases can occur.

New Delhi: To keep the body healthy, it is advised to drink adequate amount of water daily. By drinking water, toxic substances are removed from the body, due to which you can avoid many diseases. Drinking water also helps in digesting food. Apart from this, water can also prove helpful in weight loss, but do you know that excessive thirst is also harmful for health. If you feel thirsty again and again, it could be a sign of some serious disease.

According to health experts, if you are feeling excessively thirsty then you need to be careful. So let us know which diseases are likely to occur due to excessive thirst.


Frequent thirst can be a sign of high blood sugar in the body. According to health experts, when the amount of sugar in the body increases, our body tries to expel it through urine. Due to which the body becomes dehydrated and you feel more thirsty.


Anemia occurs due to lack of hemoglobin in the body. This problem is more common in women. This can happen due to many reasons like wrong diet or heavy bleeding. In such a situation, you also feel more thirsty. These may also include dizziness, fatigue, sweating, and other symptoms.

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Due to dry mouth, there is the problem of feeling thirsty again and again. This problem also occurs due to excessive smoking, taking medicines in large quantities etc. due to which there is frequent problem of dry mouth due to which you feel more thirsty.

Dry mouth can cause bad breath, altered taste, irritated gums, and difficulty chewing food.

There is also the problem of thirst due to pregnancy. During the first trimester, blood volume increases, causing excess fluid to build up in the kidneys, which leads to frequent urination. Apart from this, you may also feel more thirsty due to lack of water in the body.

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