‘Hamas took hostages in Gaza’s Al-Shifa hospital’, Israeli army released video

‘Hamas took hostages in Gaza’s Al-Shifa hospital’, Israeli army released video

Amidst the ongoing war with Hamas, the Israeli Army has made a big claim by releasing a footage. According to the Israeli military, Hamas fighters took hostages to al-Shifa hospital in Gaza City after the October 7 attack.

A video clip posted on the Israel Defense Forces’ official social media platform X (formerly Twitter) shows five men dragging a man wearing shorts and a light blue shirt. Three-four armed people are also seen in the video. A video clip shows the time being 10:53 am on October 7.

Hostages were seen with armed men

Another clip, at 10:55 am, shows an injured man being carried in his underwear by seven men, at least 4 of whom are armed, some wearing hospital clothing.

CCTV footage of Shifa Hospital went viral

The Israel Defense Forces (IDF) posted on social media platforms that a Nepalese national and a Thai national were abducted from Israeli territory on October 7. According to the IDF, one of the hostages is injured and is being taken to a hospital bed and the other is walking.

In such a situation, along with posting the video, it is being said that on the day of October 7 massacre, Hamas had used the Shifa Hospital complex as a terrorist base. Al-Shifa is the largest hospital in Gaza. The Israeli army has repeatedly said that Hamas is using it as a base.

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