Gehlot government’s intentions flawed, Rajasthan has to suffer the consequences: Nadda

Gehlot government’s intentions flawed, Rajasthan has to suffer the consequences: Nadda

Sikar, 21 November (Hindustan Reporter). Bharatiya Janata Party national president JP Nadda said that the Rajasthan government is only worried about its vote bank. Rajasthan has suffered a huge loss in the last five years due to the mistakes of the Gehlot government. Rajasthan has been affected by eclipse. Rajasthan is known for corruption, atrocities on daughters, cheating farmers and youth.

Nadda was addressing a public meeting in support of BJP candidate Gordhan Verma in Dhod assembly of Sikar district. Nadda said that Ashok Gehlot’s government has created a fight between Hindus and Muslims in Rajasthan. Nadda said that Congressmen did the submarine scam. Congressmen have not spared even the sky, sea, earth and underworld. Gehlot government committed corruption of Rs 450 crore in old age pension. Gehlot’s brother stole subsidized fertilizer and exported it. Relatives of Gehlot government took contracts worth Rs 11 thousand crores. Two and a half crore rupees and one kilogram of gold were found in the Yojana Bhawan of Gehlot government. Gehlot government is completely corrupt. In a speech of about 25 minutes, Nadda cornered the Gehlot government on issues like corruption, atrocities on women, paper leaks, Dalit atrocities, inflation, rising prices of petrol and diesel.

Nadda said that due to the mistakes of Gehlot government, Rajasthan has suffered a big injury. Rajasthan, which used to be known as the land of heroes, is today known as the land of corruption. Daughters-in-law are tortured, farmers are cheated, cases of atrocities on Dalits are coming to light every day. The government has worked towards polarization and creating war between Hindus and Muslims. Gehlot government has continuously tortured the youth. Due to which papers were leaked 19 times in Rajasthan. Congressmen did submarine scam, 2G, Gagan helicopter, coal scam. Congress has left nothing behind, earth, sky or hell. Scams have been committed everywhere. Congress has gone from ground to sky. Wherever Congress goes, there are scams and wherever BJP goes, there are development works.

He said that Ashok Gehlot’s brother stole subsidized fertilizer and exported it. Gehlot’s relatives took government contracts worth Rs 11 thousand crores. Rs 2.5 crore and 1 kg gold were found in Yojana Bhawan. A corrupt government is running in Rajasthan. Rajasthan has come at number one in women harassment. Nadda also mentioned the incidents of Alwar, Churu, Pratapgarh. Nadda said that Barmer incident has been forgotten, the four year old girl was raped by no one else but a police inspector. In Rajasthan the protectors have become the eaters. Gehlot government should have thought about this also, after all why crime is not being stopped in Rajasthan. Farmers have been cheated in Rajasthan. Gehlot government had asked to waive off the loans of farmers in Rajasthan but it has not happened till now. The loans were not waived off but the land of 19 thousand 400 farmers was confiscated. The farmers of Rajasthan have suffered huge losses due to the subsidized fertilizer exported by Ashok Gehlot’s brother. He said that slogans like separation of head from body are raised in Rajasthan. Under the Congress rule, the procession on Ram Navami is stopped, the Kavad Yatra is not allowed to proceed, the 300 year old Shivalaya temple is demolished with bulldozers. Religious riots and frenzy are continuously increasing in Rajasthan.

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