Farah did a fashion show by giving her outfit in Manish’s party

Farah did a fashion show by giving her outfit in Manish’s party

Bollywood’s famous choreographer and director Farah Khan is known for her bold speech. Farah Khan is very outspoken and whatever is in her heart is on her tongue. Probably everyone who knows about the film industry knows this. This time Farah Khan made fun of the parties of her best friend and famous fashion designer Manish Malhotra. The film director revealed Manish Malhotra’s parties in a media interview.

Farah created a blast in the party

Many people were surprised to know this. Farah Khan described Manish Malhotra’s parties as a kind of fashion show. Where celebrities come wearing clothes designed by him. The information about which was given by Manish Malhotra himself a day before the party. Farah Khan said during an interview, ‘In Manish’s party, he himself gives clothes to everyone. But we return it the next day. Farah Khan said that not only this, people inform about their entry in advance. Besides, the outfit also looks attractive.


Manish got the only benefit from this

So that he can make such a dress for her. However, only Manish Malhotra gets the benefit of this. Because through this people from the entertainment world can see his designs. Farah Khan said, ‘It is, in a way, a fashion show of A-lister stars. Who come to parties wearing their own clothes. Not only on Diwali but on other days too, parties are organized at Manish Malhotra’s house. Recently many Bollywood stars were seen in the Diwali party. Earlier, a party was organized at his house on the occasion of Ganesh Choth. In which well-known personalities of Bollywood participated.


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