Diverse taste of Kerala’s spice coast attracts a large crowd in the Pavilion

Diverse taste of Kerala’s spice coast attracts a large crowd in the Pavilion

The India International Trade Fair is buzzing with excitement as visitors flock to the vibrant Kerala Pavilion, which offers a sensory feast of culinary delights and cultural treasures.

 At the heart of the pavilion is a diverse array of dishes, ranging from the traditional dried fish to the ever-popular dried tapioca (Vattiya Kappa). The aroma of Kerala’s unique spices and masalas fills the air, drawing crowds eager to experience the state’s rich flavours.

Artistic and traditional products take center stage with bamboo murals, lamp shades, spice boxes, and brass propellers showcasing the craftsmanship of the region. The Department of Industry and Commerce proudly displays products that have received the Geographical Indication (GI) of Kerala, adding a touch of authenticity to the exhibition.

Kerafed’s stall is a coconut lover’s paradise, featuring a wide range of coconut products. Thenga Peera, a local delicacy, takes the spotlight, captivating visitors with its rich and authentic taste.

The Corporation Stall is a must-visit, showcasing dried kappa along with aval and dried jackfruit. The stall also offers wild turmeric and an assortment of spices, adding an extra layer of flavor to the pavilion.

In the Scheduled Tribe Department stall, products sourced from the forest are a hot commodity. Honey, silentawalley coffee, millet, ragi, kamp rava, chama podi, and jati patri are flying off the shelves, reflecting the demand for indigenous and natural products.

Kudumbashree’s stall, a hub of traditional treats, boasts everything from kozhikodan halwa and avalosunda to upperi items. Dry Pavaka and Kanthari, both local specialties, are also available, captivating visitors with their unique tastes.

As an added bonus, visitors can enjoy a 20% discount on clothes at the Hanweave and Hantex stalls, making it an ideal opportunity for some festive shopping.

The Fisheries Stall introduces innovative solar drying technology for various types of dried fish, accompanied by an assortment of delectable fish pickles.

Other participating stalls, including Oushadhi, Kerala Arts and Craft Village, Kairali, Panchayat Department, Kerala State Bamboo Mission, Culture Department, and Marketfed, contribute to the diverse tapestry of products at the Kerala Pavilion.

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