Diabetes: If you want to avoid diabetes then keep these things in mind

Diabetes: If you want to avoid diabetes then keep these things in mind

New Delhi. Diabetes is a serious problem, due to which millions of people are suffering from it all over the world and the number of its patients is increasing. This is a chronic disease, in which the sugar level of the body increases. This happens due to lack of insulin in the body or misuse of insulin. This disease is so dangerous that it is also called silent killer. This is because it gradually affects body organs like liver, eyes, heart etc. There is no cure for this disease, so prevention is the safest option. We can protect ourselves from diabetes by making some changes in our lifestyle. Let us know which are those habits which can reduce the risk of diabetes.

work out

Risk factors for diabetes include being overweight, so exercise daily. This will reduce your weight and your body will be able to use insulin better. Along with this, exercise also speeds up your metabolism, which burns fat. Exercising increases your muscles, which reduces fat.

Healthy Diet

Your eating habits have a direct impact on your health. Include foods rich in fiber, protein, vitamins and minerals in your diet. Fiber and protein control your appetite, keeping you from overeating. Try to avoid processed foods, refined sugar and high carbohydrate foods. These can increase your blood sugar levels, increasing your risk of diabetes. Include fruits, green vegetables, whole grains, curd etc. in your diet. These will also control your weight and prevent cholesterol from increasing.

do not smoke

Recently the World Health Organization has said that quitting smoking increases the chances of avoiding diabetes by 30-40 percent. So don’t smoke. Apart from this, smoking also has a bad effect on your heart and lungs.

reduce stress

Stress affects your overall health. Due to excess stress, your body’s metabolism slows down, which can increase body fat. Additionally, stress affects your mental health, which can lead to other diseases. So learn stress management.

avoid obesity

Obesity is harmful to your health. This is a disease in itself, which can lead to other diseases. One of which is diabetes. So check your BMI and try to keep it between 18-25. A balanced diet and exercise can help you in this.

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