Computer Vision Syndrome: Why does Computer Vision Syndrome occur? Know its symptoms and treatment

Computer Vision Syndrome: Why does Computer Vision Syndrome occur?  Know its symptoms and treatment

Causes of dry eyes: The problem of dry eyes is troubling the youth nowadays. The main reason for this is excessive screen exposure. When youngsters remain active on gadgets like computers, laptops, TV, mobiles and tablets for a long time (excessive screen time) and this routine continues every day, then the problem of dry eyes (eye dryness) occurs.

Computer vision syndrome begins with the problem of dry eyes. This problem in the eyes occurs due to less blinking of eyes while working on the screen. Because due to less blinking of eyelids, the oil glands of the eyes stop working. These are the same glands that work to maintain moisture in the eyes, but when eyelids blink less, the functioning of these glands gets disrupted and dryness in the eyes increases.

What is the problem of computer vision syndrome?

Due to dryness in the eyes, there is a constant feeling as if particles of dust have entered the eyes. Due to this, some kind of dirt always remains in the eyes. Along with this, there is difficulty in seeing due to excessive dryness in the eyes due to itching.

This problem occurs quickly in women

Computer vision syndrome affects both men and women, but the problem occurs more frequently in women than in men. Thyroid, hormonal changes and use of contact lenses can also be the reason for this.

What is the treatment for computer vision syndrome?

  • If there is itching in the eyes, instead of scratching the eyes, wash the eyes with fresh water.
  • Reduce screen time. If not possible, take breaks in between and pay attention to blinking.
  • Keep in mind that this is a type of allergy, which is treatable, not incurable. Therefore, if you avoid the causes of this problem then you will not have any problem.
  • There are medicines available to treat this problem, which you should use only after consulting a doctor.

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