Carrot is very beneficial for eyes and skin, also proves helpful in weight loss.

Carrot is very beneficial for eyes and skin, also proves helpful in weight loss.

The winter season is slowly starting. In this season, there is abundance of vegetables which are very beneficial for the body. Carrot is also one of such vegetables, this vegetable is rich in vitamins and minerals. It is also considered beneficial for the eyes. This also increases the glow of the skin. If you are troubled by obesity then it can be reduced by eating carrots. Carrot is one of those vegetables which can be eaten both raw and cooked.

It is very useful in the form of salad, hence apart from vegetable, carrot halwa is also earning a lot of name all over India. It is also used for pickles and sweets are also made from it. Kanji made from black carrots is considered a panacea for stomach. It is low in fat but rich in nutrients. Food experts believe that its regular consumption is effective in protecting the body from many diseases.

Carrots are low in calories. Apart from minerals, it also contains fiber, calcium, magnesium, phosphorus, iron, sodium, potassium, copper, vitamin A and vitamin C in abundance. Vitamin A present in it protects the eyes from dryness, protects the retina and lens. Regular consumption of carrots maintains eyesight for a long time.

Adequate amount of carotenoids are found in carrots which are considered very beneficial for the skin. The carotene present in carrots is also beneficial in strengthening the immune system, which also maintains the glow of the skin. It is also believed that if there are spots and blemishes on the skin, they can be reduced by regular consumption of carrots.

Regular consumption of carrots is helpful in weight loss. This is because it contains more than 80 percent moisture and has very low calories. It also has enough fiber but not that much fat. Its advantage is that when you eat carrots, the body will feel full for a long time. As a result, you will eat less food. This system works effectively in preventing weight gain.

Consumption of carrots is also helpful in controlling blood sugar in people who suffer from Vitamin A deficiency in their body. Carrots supply it. Research also shows that carrots contain a lot of fiber and their consumption helps control glucose in people with diabetes and it is naturally low in sugar, which is beneficial for diabetics.

Regular consumption of carrot juice also keeps BP under control. This is because its nutrients which include fiber, potassium, nitrate and vitamin C are helpful in controlling BP as carrots also contain fiber which is also beneficial in digestion.

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