AI doesn’t know anything! World Cup 2023 prediction failed, Team India could not win

AI doesn’t know anything!  World Cup 2023 prediction failed, Team India could not win

New Delhi: Australia again defeated India in the World Cup title clash. The Kangaroo team has won the World Cup for a record sixth time. Earlier, we had tried to find out through Artificial Intelligence (AI) who would win the final between India and Australia. The AI ​​tool had predicted India’s victory in the final. However, Australia proved AI wrong by defeating India.

Artificial Intelligence is being used in many fields. However, complete dependence on this technology can be dangerous. After Australia’s victory, we can say that AI cannot be trusted blindly. According to its capacity, the AI ​​tool had declared India deserving of the World Cup, but this claim completely failed.

We used DALL.E to find the name of the winning team in the finals. This is an AI image creator tool, on which we searched by writing India vs Australia ICC World Cup Cricket 2023 winner team. This tool showed the Indian cricket team as the World Cup winner in the search results. However, the result of the World Cup was completely opposite.

In the search results shown by AI, the Indian team was seen as the winner in many pictures. In some pictures, the Indian cricket team was seen holding the World Cup trophy. AI showed the final match in favor of India but in reality Australia won the World Cup trophy. In such a situation, it has become clear that the results of AI are not completely correct. Even in the search conducted recently, the AI ​​tool is showing India as the winner.

If you trust AI to decide the future, there is still scope for error. Talking about AI, it is a technology which has created a lot of ease for humans. AI tools like ChatGPT and DALL.E are becoming quite popular. ChatGPT answers your questions exactly like a human. At the same time, some AI tools are also used to create images and videos.


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