787 kg ganja seized from Surat’s Allpad, three accused declared wanted

787 kg ganja seized from Surat’s Allpad, three accused declared wanted

Surat: After Rajkot, Dhoraji, a huge quantity of ganja was seized from Surat also. According to the information, a person named Haresh Gosai has been arrested with 1.4 kg of ganja near Maliyasan, Rajkot. It was revealed that he was handling the quantity of ganja on a two-wheeler and was bringing the ganja from Chotila Parish.

On the other hand, ganja was seized from Sion Evervilla of Allpad, Surat. SOG police raided and seized 787.226 kg of ganja and the three accused including the truck driver were declared wanted by the police. Police seized goods worth Rs 88 lakh including truck, mobile phone, ganja worth Rs 78 lakh.

Yesterday, cultivation of marijuana plants was caught in Supedi village of Dhoraji, Rajkot. A person named Dudabhai Sagarka had planted a hemp plant. So, by raiding Dhangdhar village of Dolwan taluka in Tapi, four ganja plants were seized from the field behind the house of the accused and one accused was arrested with a total value of Rs 73 thousand and two other accused were declared wanted.

It is noteworthy that last month also ganja worth Rs 1 crore was seized from Banaskantha. In a major action, SOG has seized ganja worth Rs 1 crore in Wada village of Kakrej in Banaskantha district. Here, ganja worth about one crore rupees was planted under the guise of castor in three bighas of land. According to information received from sources, SOG has recovered an amount estimated to be worth lakhs from the police. On October 17, once again there was a stir in the police system due to the discovery of huge quantity of drugs in Kutch district. Cocaine drugs worth Rs 800 crore were found abandoned in Gandhidham, Kutch, after which the police detained three people and interrogated them. ATS police had seized cocaine drugs worth Rs 800 crore in Gandhidham, Kutch, these cocaine drugs were found near Mithi Rohar of Gandhidham, cocaine drugs worth about Rs 800 crore were lying unclaimed, after this Gujarat ATS police rounded up three suspects from Gandhidham. did. At present, the ATS team has interrogated these three and obtained more information.

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